Back to Work Wardrobe: Casual Tailoring

Back to Work Wardrobe: Casual Tailoring

Work suits are all good and well, but my favourite thing to make is the garment you wear on the weekend, or on a date, or when you want to impress someone but also look like you haven’t made an effort.

The casual jacket.

The casual jacket is softer than a work suit and comes in more exciting colours and cloths. It is tough so that you can treat it like a hoodie but it still looks its best. It is made from corduroy, flannel or tweed; something hardwearing but insanely comfortable.

And it is an increasingly popular request. It seems as though a knock on effect of workplaces becoming less formal is that tailoring has become less of a burden and more of a joy.

So here is No.3 in the Back to Work Series:

Styling the Casual Jacket.


Virgil Abloh

For an instant, and subtle way to make a suit less formal, just add trainers, like Virgil Abloh for Louis Vuitton. This used to be a serious faux pas but as tailoring and streetwear increasingly cross paths, these days we are far more likely to see a suit paired sneakers than with a tie. 


If trainers aren't enough for you, then why not pair your tailored trousers with a sweatshirt like Ami Paris. When it comes to comfort, straight cut flannel trousers are the tailoring equivalent of of a soft cotton jersey. Keep the two garments the same colour but different hues for a considered look. 

Or you can just throw a suit over a t-shirt, but please note that the suit should be loose fitting and worn open (Brad Pitt). If the suit is too tight it draws attention to the neck and the fact that there is no collar. You'll end up looking like a wannabe start-up chief. (Trevor Noah). 

 In fact, in general, the best way to make a tailored jacket a little more comfortable is to add a little room. A softly tailored jacket is 100 times nicer to wear than an overly tight high-street jacket. 

But the quickest way to let everyone know that this is your downtime look? Just add a baseball cap. 

Richard Biedul




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