Best Dressed Men - Oscars 2019

Best Dressed Men - Oscars 2019

Classic Black Tie


Bradley Cooper and Joe Alwyn opted for classics with bowties and cummerbunds. If you are going to keep it simple then make sure everything fits beautifully. I would have liked to see Alwyn's sleeves a little longer and Cooper's trousers a little shorter.

If you are looking to inject a little character into a black suit check out Mark Ronson's piped edges, initially reminiscent of Ralph Fiennes in the Grand Budapest Hotel. But Wes Anderson characters almost always become style icons. Next year expect everyone to be walking on four legs and barking. *Isle of Dogs was robbed!*

Normally I don't advocate wearing a waistcoat with Black Tie but Sam Rockwell made it work because of how well it all fits. If you are going to wear one make sure that either it is long enough or that your trousers sit high enough to avoid Rami Malek's mistake of having a bit of white shirt on display. 

Although there were plenty to choose from, I think Sam Elliott wins it for me because I love proper black tie shirts. The black studs look so smart against the crisp white shirt. 

 Velveteen Dreams

Plenty of men ignored the black part of the dress code and opted for bolder colour palettes. Velvet dinner jackets are traditionally navy, emerald or maroon but nowadays anything goes. If you are going to opt for something more eye catching like Jason Mamoa's pink Fendi suit, just make sure it fits well because velvet is a very unforgiving fabric. 

More than Just a Suit

It was great to see so many men eschewing the ordinary. Chadwick Boseman opted for spectacular sequins. Billy Porter has taken the Black Tie dress code to heart. He looks elegant but completely original. Sticking to monochrome has kept it chic rather than costume-y. Ryan Coogler added some personality to his grey suit with a colourful silk scarf thrown over one shoulder. And I loved Nick Hoult's Dior suit, which seemed to be inspired by Prince Harry's wedding attire. 


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