Last minute Halloween costumes you can find at home

Last minute Halloween costumes you can find at home

I assume we are all completely gobsmacked to discover that it is already the end of October. And therefore I can’t be the only one who is totally unprepared on the costume front. 

Luckily there is so much you can find around the house to help. Plus you have the added bonus of being totally smug about not having contributed to the 2000 tonnes of plastic waste involved in Halloween costumes. 


Here are 5 ideas for winning any costume contest without having to brave the Party Shop in Clapham Junction (iykyk). 
Uncle Fester -Sustainable Halloween Costume

1. Uncle Fester. 

All you need is a big overcoat and a swimming cap. Plus, with the release of The Addams Family 2 this month, it’s once again a topical costume. 
The Penguin - Last Minute Halloween Ideas

2. The Penguin

This one just needs whatever you wore to the last summer wedding, ideally still crumpled and smelling of stale beer from being stuffed in a duffle bag on the Sunday after. Alternatively a quick trip to a charity shop should give you a suitably hideous waistcoat and tie. 

Jacob Rees-Mogg - Scary Halloween Costume

3. Jacob Rees-Mogg

What's scarier than a decaying preying mantis who believes he should be in charge of a woman's reproductive choices? And luckily all you need for this villainous costume is an oversized double-breasted suit, glasses and a comb over. 

The Grand Budapest Hotel - Last Minute Halloween Costumes

4. Wes Anderson Extra

With the release of the French Dispatch I've been down a scroll hole for days culminating in 2 hours of "Accidentally Wes Anderson" stalking. So for Halloween this year I plan on donning lilac head to toe and going as an extra from the Grand Budapest Hotel. But this would work for any colour palette really. All brown/orange for Fantastic Mr Fox, beige for The Royal Tenebaums, grey for the Isle of Dogs. 

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