The Best Dressed: Ocean's Eleven

The Best Dressed: Ocean's Eleven

In the wake of recent events, Netflix has added a plethora of new films and series. Including Oceans's Eleven, Twelve and Thirteen. 

In honour of this excitement I have ranked the Eleven in order of worst to best dressed. This is clearly of vital importance to everyone. Feel free to add your own rankings in the comments. 

11. Basher Tarr

I promise this isn't because of the frankly unforgivable accent. I just can't get on board with all that tan leather! 

Basher Ocean's Eleven

10. Turk Malloy

This isn't really fair because he spends most of the film in various uniforms/disguises but what are you going to do. He was just a bit meh. 

Turk Malloy

9. The Amazing Yen

Yen gets bumped up this list based entirely on one outfit - the silk jacket with a nehru collar he wears at Reuben's house when they are first going over the plan. Other than that he spends the whole film in black leotards so I just couldn't place him any higher - no matter how much I love the jacket. 
Yen Ocean's 11

8. Linus Caldwell

There are flashes of style, a maroon polo neck, the mac he wears whilst pretending to be from the Gaming Commission and a nice Harrington style jacket. But overall I think the costume designers used his look to make him seem young and inexperienced compared to Danny. 

Matt Damon Ocean's Eleven

7. Virgil Malloy

I just really appreciate that he wears a tie under his boiler suit. Plus he has a really snazzy jacket at the end of the film. 

Virgil Malloy Ocean's Eleven

6. Frank Catton

This is a man who is not afraid of colour! Sad magician's waistcoats aside, there is lime, red, orange, citrus, a whole fruit salad of joy. My favourite is the burnt orange suit with the Beetlejuice shirt he wears at the car dealership.

Frank Ocean's Eleven

5. Rusty Ryan

I know I know. What is Brad Pitt doing barely scraping the top 5. But have you seen those shiny shirts!? I had really forgotten how metallic the 00's were! At one point he's wearing a purple/blue shot silk shirt with blue glass sunglasses! 
Brad Pitt Ocean's Eleven

But, being Brad Pitt, all it takes is one good suit to undo all the hideous fabrication choices. Look at that smoulder.

Brad Pitt Ocean's Eleven

4. Livingston Dell

Do not overlook this quiet icon. Those knits. That hat. He is king of normcore and I salute him. Where do I get those glasses with the flip down bit?? 
Livingston Dell - Ocean's Eleven

3. Reuben Tishkoff

I can't think of many people who could pull off a Versace dressing gown, gold medallion and full chest bush without seeming like a total creep. But he is so over the top that it just works. He has a gold filter for his cigar for goodness sake. And a man in a hat always gets bonus points from me. Can we bring back the panama for the summer? (Assuming we are allowed out by then). 
Reuben Versace Medallion

2. Danny Ocean

Not 1, not 2, but 3 separate scenes in a tux. And who looks better in one than Mr Clooney. If anyone was in any doubt about the man's ability to pull off a sartorial win, surely this film allays any doubts? He manages to make the long hem and low lapels of noughties tailoring look contemporary and chic. No mean feat!
George Clooney
BUT. Serious black marks for whatever that weird pleather body plate thing he's wearing when they break into the vault. 

George Clooney Ocean's Eleven

1. Saul Bloom 

I'm not sure that Saul's off-duty look was intentionally trendy but in the last 19 years (yes this film was made nearly 20 years ago!!) bucket hats have returned, as have loud cuban shirts. Plus his suits as Lyman Zerga - Oh my! The pale "imported silk" *does Italian kissing finger tips*. Does his dinner suit have velvet lapels? I can't cope. 

Saul Bloom

Saul Bloom Ocean's Eleven

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I wish I knew! He looks so great doesn’t he. New & Lingwood do some pretty amazing dressing gowns which might work.
Let me know if you find anything good.

Kipper & Chalk

Where can I find Reubens git up? I need one ASAP


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