Alterations: Rugby Players

Alterations: Rugby Players

Finding a Ready-to-Wear brand which fits you like a glove is as likely as Georgia winning the Rugby World Cup. Especially if you are a sportsman.


Last year I went to South Korea with Ralph Lauren to help kit out the US winter olympic team. As we fitted 300 athletes and coaches in the same uniform, I noticed how dramatically different their bodies were depending on their discipline. Snowboarders were mostly pretty short and stocky (I assume a low centre of balance is helpful??) so needed their trousers shortening; biathletes were tall and lithe, requiring tapering on both jackets and trousers; speed skaters needed to go up several sizes to accommodate extra strong glute muscles, meaning waists needed hefty adjustments.


Recently it seems that the most common reason for men seeking a bespoke suit is fit of trousers. In particular those who play rugby, do a lot of cycling or who naturally just  have more muscular limbs.


Most RTW trousers these days are cut with a slim, straight leg, which doesn’t leave a lot of room for muscles.


But if Made-to-Measure/Bespoke seems out of your price range don’t fear. So much can be done with a good alterations tailor. Whilst it might seem odd to buy a pair of trousers which feel miles too big at the waist - you can always make something smaller.


Taking in the waist and tapering from the knee down will make an off-the-peg pair of slacks look like they were made for you! But for £35 instead of £300. Bargain!

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