"Working with Imogen  is a real joy, she is very quick to understand my requests and is also good at suggesting new ideas."

J. Woodhouse

" As I am not built in standard proportions the job must have been more challenging but Imogen rose to it."

M. Gormley

"I absolutely loved my experience from start to finish."

V. Hall

" I wish I had just gone straight to Imogen rather than waste time trawling online and various shops. "

R. Murray

"Imogen has made two bespoke suits for me with custom-made linings and I have been nothing but thrilled with the outcome. Both fit so well and her work comes highly recommended by me."

M. Sheridan

Kipper & Chalk

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Fashion on a Ration

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Word of the Week

Doctor : Alteration tailor.

Because a good one can fix all sorts of dodgy garments and a bad one will kill them stone dead. 

Tailoring Translated

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