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Face Coverings

As restrictions ease up, face masks help to keep the people around you safer. Plus they make for a handy disguise....


"Working with Imogen  is a real joy, she is very quick to understand my requests and is also good at suggesting new ideas."

J. Woodhouse

" As I am not built in standard proportions the job must have been more challenging but Imogen rose to it."

M. Gormley

"I absolutely loved my experience from start to finish."

V. Hall

" I wish I had just gone straight to Imogen rather than waste time trawling online and various shops. "

R. Murray

"Imogen has made two bespoke suits for me with custom-made linings and I have been nothing but thrilled with the outcome. Both fit so well and her work comes highly recommended by me."

M. Sheridan

Cross Stitch Kits

The world might be slowly opening up again but that doesn't mean things are back to normal. If you are feeling anxious, concentrating on a small manual task, like sewing, can do wonders for pesky things like anxiety at a time like this and cross stitch is a lovely place to start.

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Short Sleeve Shirts

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Word of the Week

On The Cod : Gone for a drink.

This is one of my favourite phrases, and one which could regularly be heard on a Friday afternoon as the tailors down tools and head for one of the many pubs surrounding Savile Row. Hopefully as London begins to open up again, we will hear it again soon.