Ethics & Sustainability Policy

Kipper & Chalk believes in leaving the planet in a better state than when we found it. 
Our commitment to this, both socially and environmentally, involves 3 promises.
To Our Team
K&C promises that the working environment of everyone involved in the production of our garments will be safe and fair. 
This is easy for Tier 1 (people working directly for us). We operate in London, working mainly with freelance tailors, pressers and finishers who choose where, how and when they work. Freelancers set their own fees and wages -  and we make sure these are in accordance with a London Living Wage. 
Tier 2  of our supply chain consists of our suppliers and manufacturers. To ensure this less visible area of our chain is operating with the same intentions as us, we only work with mills and factories which have the same ethos. Since our suits are made either in London or Porto and the fabrics we use come predominantly from the UK or Italy, these suppliers work in accordance with EU labour and environmental laws.
Tier 3 is the hardest to monitor. This is any company which produces raw materials for Tier 2. By working with businesses like Baird McNutt and Harrisons of Edinburgh, we pay a little more for the fabrics but we know that they purchase their yarns from safe and reputable farms. 


To Our Planet
We have all heard the statistics about the Fashion Industry being the second dirtiest operator after Oil. We have no intention of contributing to that. 
And you can feel comfortable that you aren’t either.
Buying custom made clothes is about as environmentally friendly as you can get as we only produce exactly what you require, meaning nothing is sent to landfill. 
Extending the life of clothing by as little as 9 months, reduces the carbon, water and waste footprints by as much as 30%. By having a say in the design of your clothing you can make sure it is something you will love and take care of for years to come.
By keeping our suppliers and manufacturers within Europe we are minimising the Carbon Footprint of our supply chain.



To Our Customer
Sustainability is hugely important but there is no point in creating a sustainable product if no one likes it. 
Our ethics will never compromise our designs. In fact we believe the extra attention to detail enhances them. 
Ethical fashion has long been synonymous with shapeless hemp and sludge green. But we firmly believe that K&C can change that perception through our beautiful, tailored garments. 
This truly is Sustainable Fashion made Stylish.