How to Measure Yourself

Ordering clothes online can be a minefield. Sizes can vary enormously from brand to brand depending on the cut and ease favoured. Rather than using body measurements, this helpful guide will talk you through using your favourite clothes to find your perfect fit. 

Handy Tip: When measuring with a tape measure, pull the tape taut, but don't stretch it. 



 How to Measure Yourself

Use a pair of trousers that fit you well. 

Rather than measuring yourself, which can be tricky to do accurately, it’s best to use a pair of trousers that you like the fit of.

  • Not all types of trousers will have the same measurements. Grab a few different kinds of trousers that fit you well. Suit trousers will be slightly different than chinos, or jeans. Select something in a similar style to whatever you are purchasing.

How to Measure Yourself

Lay your trousers flat on the floor. 

The easiest way to measure trousers is to lay them on a flat surface. If you try to measure a pair of trousers that you are wearing, you may not get the right measurements as you shift your body to see the measurements.

  • Your trousers shouldn’t be too worn-in so that you can get a realistic measurement.
  • If the trousers you are measuring are wrinkled, quickly smooth the fabric out with an iron.

How to Measure Yourself

Measure the waist of your trousers. 

To get the most accurate measurement of your trousers' waist lay them flat on the floor. Smooth the trousers out so there is no bunching. Don’t stretch the trousers, though. Measure flat across the back waistband from one corner to the other. Double the number to get the actual waist size.

  • Make sure your trousers are also facing up, with the front pockets facing the ceiling.
  • If your trousers are lying correctly, the front part of the waistband will be resting slightly below the back.

How to Measure Yuorself

Measure the hips. Measure across your trousers at the base of the zipper. Make sure that you pull the trousers flat and measure from edge to edge. Once you’ve measured the front, double the number to get the whole measurement.

How to Measure Yourself

Measure your inseam. Starting from the crotch, where the pieces of fabric in your trousers intersect, draw the measuring tape down the inside seam of one leg and to the very bottom of the trouser leg where it would naturally hang around your shoe. 

  • Note that inseams are measured to the nearest inch.
  • If the leg of your trousers doesn't sit where you'd like it to (i.e if you cuff your trousers or they are cropped), measure to where you'd like your pair of pants to end. This is best done with a friend, whilst you wear the trousers. Don't measure it on yourself - bending to reach your ankle will give you an inaccurate measurement.