Made to Measure


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Prices start from £950 for a 2-Piece Suit

The process takes 8-12 weeks


How it Works:



41 Moreton Street - Kipper & Chalk HQ



Step 1 - Coffee

Whatever the occasion: work, wedding, school reunion, we will help you design the perfect suit.

There is no obligation to take the order any further at this stage so we thoroughly recommend meeting up for a chat even if you aren’t sure whether Made to Measure is for you. 

Step 2 - The Cloth (the fun bit)

Our experienced tailors will help you chose the right fabric for you. Whether it is the perfect shade of navy, a Prince of Wales check or a retro chalk stripe, we will help you find exactly what you are looking for in a weight and composition which best suits you.

Once you have the cloth for the suit, it’s time to get creative choosing colours or patterns for your lining. 

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Step 3 - The Measuring

 Once you know what you’re looking for it’s time to get the fit right. Using our carefully developed samples, we will take up to 35 measurements and take account of your posture, sleeve pitch and shoulder height to make sure your suit fits you beautifully.

Step 4 - The Fitting

 The suit will be ready for your first fitting 6-8 weeks after your initial consultation. (However, we know how busy life can be so, for an additional fee, it may be possible to expedite the process.) 

Prior to your fitting, your suit will have been cut by lasers (!) and made up by skilled tailors to ensure an accurate fit. However, I would allow for a maximum of 2 further fittings to get the cut exactly right. 

This means the entire process will take 8-12 weeks

Once perfected, all that is left is for you to stand back and await the onslaught of compliments!

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Why Made to Measure?

A custom made suit is a luxury everyone should experience at some point in their life and Made to Measure is a wonderful place to start.

The suit is cut from a block altered according to your individual requirements. If you like a slim fit and a short trouser - we’ve got you. Alternatively, perhaps you crave a 1930’s look, with a full length jacket and a wide lapel - very Fred Astaire! Whatever it is you are looking for, Kipper & Chalk can make it a reality. Choose your style, cloth, lining and trimmings from our extensive range.


How do you know Made to Measure is for you?