Back to Work Wardrobe: Navy Suit

Back to Work Wardrobe: Navy Suit

It’s September. Let’s not talk about how that has happened. Let’s just accept that it has and move on. I suppose it’s a good thing that 2020 is going quickly. 

On the bright side, it’s September. Which means a new season and a fresh look at some old favourites. Digging out forgotten winter clothes is like having a brand new wardrobe for free! 

In the first of Kipper & Chalk’s “Back to Work” series I want to start with something ubiquitous in most wardrobes - the Navy Suit. I’m guessing yours has been hanging up in hiding since March but now is the time to dig it out and dust it off.

Here are 3 tips to make your old favourite suit feel brand new:

    1.Have it pressed.

I don't mean attack it with an iron. I mean take it to a professional presser. They will crisp up those edges, reset the shoulders, sharpen up the lapels. A good presser can make a 20 year old suit look brand new! 

With prices from £40 this is the best, and cheapest way to breathe new life into a much loved suit

      2. Get the trouser waist tailored

One really common side effect of the well-worn suit is that is relaxes and moulds to your body. This is what makes it so comfortable. But it also means that trousers which were once snug now have a tendency to fall down. Rather than constantly hoiking them onto your waist, have them tailored. Taking in a waistband by as little as 3/4" can make a world of difference.

      3. Have it relined.

This is a bigger job than the above suggestions, and might cost upwards of £120 depending on the lining choice. But you would be AMAZED at what a difference it can make. Whilst replacing a patchy lining, most tailors will also take a look at any weak pockets or small holes and give the whole coat a bit of an MOT. It can prolong the lifespan of a suit by years, which is not only great for your wallet, but also for the planet! 

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