Freddie - Linen that doesn't wrinkle

 Linen Suit Kipper and Chalk



Linen, which looks smart

3 Piece, Single-Breasted. 


Linen/Wool/Cotton Blend - Bateman Ogden

50% Wool, 25% Linen, 25% Cotton

Lining - House Lining

Navy Viscose.


Made to Measure


Getting married in Spain, this groom was after a lightweight linen but something which suited the formality of the occasion. Irish linens are beautiful to wear but they crease before you've put them on. 

It is obviously an issue which UK cloth merchants have been working on for a while as there are now some beautiful alternative blends, including this one by Bateman Ogden which comes in all sorts of rich colours. 

The suit is a 3-piece but given the heat on the day he opted to forego the waistcoat.

The groom is really tall so one of my jobs was to make the waistcoat long enough to hide his shirt (a personal bugbear of mine- if you are going to wear a waistcoat it MUST reach over your trouser waistband!) but so long that it made his legs look short. The trousers were cut with a mid-rise to accommodate this. 

The waistcoat has a plain navy back. 

Both the jacket and waistcoat are single-breasted keeping it sleek and classic.

Linen Suit  - Kipper & Chalk 

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