Josh - An all-rounder

Josh - An all-rounder

Navy Wedding Suit


Something special for a wedding which can also be worn for work.


2- Piece - Dugdale Bros. 

11 oz Pure Wool Suiting. Navy. 

Lining - LBD


Waistcoat - Crescent Trading - Granite Blue. 

10 oz Wool Gabardine




This groom is a practical guy. If you are going to go through the time and expense of having a bespoke suit made for you then you want to get the most out of it. But at the same time, wanting to feel special on your wedding day is not exclusive to brides. 

The sturdy navy cloth of this suit is timeless, and the details are classic. But adding a pop of colour with the contrast waistcoat makes this so much more than ordinary. 

Bear that in mind when choosing colours and cloths. Your 3-piece doesn't need to be all one fabric. The waistcoat can be a really nice, more subtle way, to play around with bolder decisions if you aren't quite ready to jump in head first. 

Navy 3-Piece Suit Wedding

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