Latest Menswear Trends: Spring/Summer 19

As much as I love Winter clothing it is time to turn our attention to lighter layers. 

But if the idea of buying new clothes leaves you cold, don't worry. A lot of the current trends show no signs of leaving us in the coming months. 


Given that this is the UK and Summer pretty much consists of 4 days in June, don't put away your coats just yet. When worn over lighter layers, or even just a t-shirt, that duster coat can be worn all year round.

Spring/Summer Trends 19 Menswear


With the April showers starting early this year, every Spring wardrobe needs and Waterproof. Team with tailored trousers or shorts for a look which is more trend-spotter than train-spotter. 

Spring/Summer Trends 19 Menswear


An all-year favourite. Bomber jackets have been in and out of style since the 50's. Opt for a wool or printed version for a contemporary edit. 

Spring/Summer Trends 19 Menswear


The undisputed accessory of the next Season. Fedora, Cap, Wide-Brim or Bucket. They come in all shapes and sizes, just make sure you have one. 

Spring/Summer Trends 19 Menswear


These have been getting increasingly short over the last couple of years but luckily for anyone with nobbly knees there are still some designers creating a more City-friendly tailored short. 

Spring/Summer Trends 19 Menswear



In the words of Madness, Baggy Trousers, Baggy Trousers, Baggy Trousers. But make it fashion. The modern parachute trousers have a high-fitted waist to make the extra volume seem deliberate and not like you've stolen the trousers of a much larger man. 

Spring/Summer Trends 19 Menswear


Next season's silhouette is oversized in every direction, including suit jackets. Upgrade to a Double-Breasted jacket for serious sartorial chops. 

Spring/Summer Trends 19 Menswear


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