Olly - A Woodland Wedding

Olly - A Woodland Wedding


Fantastic Mr Fox's Woodland Wonder


Coat and Trousers - Porter & Harding - Glorious Twelfth. 

11 oz Pure Wool Suiting. Navy with red and gold window pane check. 

Waistcoat - Miscellaneous. 

13oz Rust Gabardine Wool. 

Tie - Bespoke printed silk, made for all Ushers with a bowtie for the Page Boy. 



This suit was really fun because there was an element of whimsy which you don't always get with a 3-Piece suit. 

The groom wanted to reflect the themes of the wedding but ensure he could still wear the suit on regular occasions. The rust coloured waistcoat gave just the right hint of Fantastic Mr Fox without becoming costume-y. And it will go wonderfully with both navy and grey suits in the future. 

The light window pane check added a subtle flash of colour against the teal of the wool, making it so much more than just another Navy Suit. 

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