Repairs & Alterations: Relining an overcoat

Repairs & Alterations: Relining an overcoat

Has your favourite overcoat seen better days? 

Like a favourite pair of shoes, it takes YEARS to wear-in the perfect overcoat. The soft mould of the shoulder, the familiar weight over a jumper, the old receipts in the inside pockets, nothing says Autumn like fishing out ole faithful. But maybe this year it is looking a little lacklustre, a little battered, a little past its best. 

Well before you part ways, let Kipper & Chalk give it a once over. You would be amazed at what a new lining and a re-press can do for a good woollen overcoat. 

For this full-length grey wool coat, I decided it wasn't enough to replace the lining with a similar colour, apart from anything pale pink dirties too quickly. As we say goodbye to summer, I wanted a reminder of warmer times. So I have used a photograph taken on a trip to Argentina. 

The pinky-purple hues of the photo aren't a million miles away from the original lining and the mottled effect of the stones at the hem translated really well onto cloth. Now when I am shivering on a tube platform in the dark, I can glance down and remember the adventure I had in Salta - everyone needs a little escapism from time to time. 

Which memory would you choose to immortalise? 

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