Top 5 Films for Summer Style Inspiration

Top 5 Films for Summer Style Inspiration

The weather has finally turned, I have put away my jumpers and I am ready to flee the city for the Amalfi Coast or the French Riviera. But Covid has other ideas.

So instead I turn to Cinema. Here are my top 5 films for escapism and summer sartorial suggestions:


In truth I could have picked any of the Connery/Moore Caribbean based Bond films for their cuban shirts and short shorts but the reason I love Thunderball in particular is because I saw Austin Powers first. So throwing the man into the pool of sharks will never not be funny. 

Thunderball - James Bond & Domino

Poirot Death on the Nile

Death On The Nile (2004)

I think technically this is an episode rather than a feature length film, but who cares - it has straw hats, three-piece linen suits, a collar bar shirt, epic sun dresses and Emily Blooming Blunt! Also I think David Suchet is wearing a lanyard which is delightful for some reason. Does anyone know where I can get Emily Blunt's checkered silk dress?

Emily Blunt and J J Feild in Death in the Nile

Summer Style, The Talented Mr Ripley. Matt Damon & Gwyneth Paltrow

The Talented Mr Ripley

I know this isn't an original pick but I don't care, there is just so much to love about this film. The way Tom Ripley's slowly wardrobe changes as he morphs into Dickie Greenleaf is masterful. Jude Law's blue and white knitted polo is iconic and has been recreated by just about everyone over the last 3 years but I am just as interested in the urban scenes as the coastal images: Dickie and Freddie Miles in preppy tailoring, short ties and signet rings, to look the part of the Ivy grad, although the pork pie hat suggests it is a pretence. 

Talented Mr Ripley


Dirty Dancing

Nothing gives me the Summer feels like a trip to Kellerman's. Patrick Swayze's trousers might have been far too tight for my tastes, but this film makes it onto the list because a full decade before we had Jude Law in his blue knitted polo, Dr Houseman was serving looks on the golf course. Apparently there's a pretty view from the first tee. 

Dirty Dancing


The Godfather

Although this film might not immediately jump out as a summer film, you can practically smell the heat in the Sicily scenes when Michael is in hiding. The billowy shirts with soft floppy grandpa collars are a gorgeously understated and comfy alternative to all the short sleeves on the list above. Throw in a little copa di vino at a rickety table outside a taverna and I would consider swapping places with the ill-fated Apollonia. 

The Godfather Sicily scenes

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