Wardrobe Woes - The Corona Clearout.

Wardrobe Woes - The Corona Clearout.

I know that plenty of people are finding themselves busier than ever during lockdown. But if you are one of those at a loose end, now is the perfect time to have a go at your wardrobe.

Step 1.

Pull everything out. You can’t judge it if you can’t see it. And who knows what you might find - discovering an old forgotten favourite is like getting something brand new. But free!


Step 2.

It might look a little overwhelming when put altogether, so start by arranging it all by garment. Suits, shirts, t-shirts, socks etc.


Step 3.

Taking one pile at a time, sort it into categories.

Start with the easy ones:

  • Definitely keeping.
  • Straight to the bin. Don’t fall into the trap of thinking a charity shop is an easy way to get rid of old clothes. If the garment in question is marked, visibly old, or damaged then a charity shop doesn’t want it. They only want things which they can resell.
  • Charity Shop/Resell. This is for things which you don’t like but someone else might pay money for.


Step 4.

The next stage is trickier.

So here is a helpful flow chart to guide you.

A flow chart to help you decide which items in your wardrobe are worth keeping


Step 5.

When you have finished, put all the hangers in your wardrobe facing in one direction. When you put it back after wearing it, face it the other way. That will help you keep track of what you are and aren’t wearing.


Step 6.

If your “to be tailored” pile is stacking up don’t wait for lockdown to be over before you get it sorted. Get in touch and get it done while it's on your mind. 

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