"Watching The Detectives" - Hollywood's Best Dressed Lawmen

Fred Jones, Scooby Doo, Where Are You!
Fred may not be the star of the show (or a real detective), but his iconic camp ensemble is an eternal scene-stealer. The orange ascot draped over the white sweater, on top of those blue flares and tan moccasins is conspicuous yet casual. (Plus, his shirt collar matches the trousers, suggesting our man is rocking a one-piece)

Fred Jones Scooby doo 60s outfit


Philip Marlowe, The Long Goodbye
Elliott Gould was louche and uncouth as Raymond Chandler's Philip Marlowe. Marlowe's black '70s slim-cut suit is worn for the entire film, and goes from sleek and fresh to shaggy and unkempt, with a permanently lit cigarette completing the look.

Philip Marlowe Elliott Gould 70s the long goodbye outfit

Philip Marlowe Elliott Gould 70s the long goodbye outfit


Sonny Crockett & Ricardo Tubbs, Miami Vice
Perhaps a rogue choice, but a personal favourite of mine. Crockett's penchant for oversized linen suits with pastel t-shirts and espadrilles is actually a practical decision. Imagine wearing a button-up and tie in Miami. 

sonny Crockett Ricardo tubbs miami vice outfit 80s


Jake Gittes, Chinatown
A true master of ensemble dressing, Jack Nicholson's character cruises the streets of 1930s Los Angeles in sandy single breasted suits with a trilby, a lavish white double-breasted number with complimenting tie and pocket square embellishments, and a grey pinstripe suit with some of the widest lapels in the game. He even makes a broken nose look cool.

Jake Gittes Jack Nicholson Chinatown outfit

Jake Gittes Jack Nicholson Chinatown outfit


Frank Bullitt, Bullitt
Oh, to be behind the wheel of a 1968 Ford Mustang GT Fastback in Highland Green. Alas, as mere mortals we must settle for simply dressing like Steve McQueen. The King of Cool earns his nickname here with his own unique brand of 'college professor chic', namely the brown tweed jacket over a navy roll-neck. Long live the king.

Steve McQueen bullitt style


Words by Cassidy Hansen, tailor's assistant

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